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Aluminium Backlit Board LED Display Light 6798
    Publish time 2016-07-27 17:20    

LED backlit board display light fitted with aluminium composite panel, helps facilitating heat dissipation
The middle-embeded acrylic scatter the light around the wall
With built-in driver, it is main voltage, easy for direct connections
Different lengths in different wattages available
Suitable for kitchen and shops

  • Operating mode : high voltage 230V,50/60Hz
  • Material : High quality aluminium + frosted acrylic
  • LED type : SMD
  • Length : L400mm/L600mm?
  • Wattage : 4W/6W
  • IP Rating : IP44
  • Energy Efficiency Class : A+
  • Light color : 2700K/4100K/6400K
  • Mounting : surface mounting, screw fixing included
  • Working Lifetime : 30,000h?

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