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Triangular Wedge 230V High Voltage LED Downlight 6733
    Publish time 2016-07-27 17:25    
Rectangular LED downlight for easy mounted under kitchen cabinets
It's high voltage, eliminating the need for a driver
Available in warm white, neutral white and cool white LED, allowing you to create the perfect mood lighting
Light sets with driver and mains lead also available, 3 or 5 sets of lights generally connected, or you can choose according to your needs

  • Operating mode : High Voltage 230V,50/60Hz
  • Material : Stainless Steel + PC diffuser
  • LED type : SMD
  • Wattage : 2W
  • Energy Efficiency Class : A+
  • Light color : 2700K/4100K/6400K
  • Mounting : surface mounting, screw fixing included
  • Working Lifetime : 30,000h

Extra Options : Round recessed type, round surface mounted version and triangular surface mounted versions are available, see code 6730, 6731, 6732.

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