Social Responsibility

Welcome to Author Lighting!   

Social responsibility helps us build a corporate culture of trust, accountability, customer centricity, continuous improvement, and value creation. Our value reflect in regulatory compliance, environmental protection, safety, and product stewardship activities. It also set the expectation that we will be socially and environmentally responsible and will conduct business with honesty and integrity. 

We invite you to also review below details of how we view the key aspects of social responsibility.

  • Environment Focus: As a company, we work to achieve the highest performance standards. During the design and development of lighting products, the potential impact of the surrounding environment is evaluated, and measures are implanted to slow down or prevent such effects. All of products are designed comply with international standards and tested in well-know laboratories to ensure the safety and quality, to make it harmless when at disposal.
  • Customer Centricity: Our customers are why we exist. We build relationships with internal and external customers that are built on trust, a desire to understand their needs and challenges, and a genuine interest in making them more successful.
  • Care Of Employees : We adhere to the ”people-oriented; value creation; pursuit of excellence and harmonious development” core values. We train our employees regularly and are committed to a work environment that open communication, honest feedback, mutual respect , teamwork and collaboration, and that focuses on consistently delivering care to our employees.

What sets us apart from our competitors is that we understand what it takes to build a mutually successful business relationship in today's market.

Author will continue to shape the future of sustainable illumination by leveraging its expertise, scale and global footprint—creating an ever-expanding portfolio of LED and helping customers illuminate how people see the world around them.

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